PS-O : PS! : Photos
1999 - Washington DC
My stopover in Washington on my way to California

2000 - Utah
Skiing trip to Utah

2000 - Los Alamos
Some shots from Los Alamos before it burned down

2000 - Miscellaneous 2000
Miscellaneous shots taken in the year 2000

My Room at RHK
Some images of my room at Rigshospitalets Kollegium

2002 - Val Thorens 2002
The story of my ski trip

Another ski trip (2003-03-18)
A trip to Big Bear with my father and cousin. A few photos and videos

Surfing (2005-01-20)
An early AM surf session before work.

Dodgeball (2005-03-11)
Playing dodgeball with Team BlueBalls.

DK Update 2003-2005
A little update for my Danish friends and family (in Danish).

2009 - The Wedding Party in Denmark
All the family in Denmark, one week before the wedding.

2009 - The Wedding Ceremony
When the magic happened.

2009 - The Wedding Portraits
Making love to the camera.

2009 - The Wedding Reception

2009 - The Honeymoon in Tahiti
Our wonderful trip to the South Pacific